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Money, a motivator?

Again and again I hear in coachings “a better job is one providing more money”. And again and again I see managers, who think with money they can motivate their team. To my great pleasure I have seen today at the title page of the WdF magazine “Leadership” the headline “Motivation factor income Wrong thinking approach!!”.


Again and again hygiene factors are confused with motivation factors. Hygiene factors simply have to be fulfilled, in order that basic satisfaction is given. Are those ok we do not recognize them, but in case they are not ok dissatisfaction is the inevitable consequence. Money is one of them. This hygiene factor is fulfilled in case money is perceived as fair. To get more money is nice, but satisfaction with the job is not raised long term by that.

According to Herzberg motivation can only arise if all 3 hygiene factors, salary, relationship with the boss and membership in the team are ok. How it has to look like for each one of us, to be perceived as ok, is as individual like it is with the body hygiene. Presumably that is exactly why the 3 factors are named like that.

Motivation factors are those inner forces which motivate and inspire us to afford more than the work we are doing is requiring. So we come to special achievements or also top achievements, that give us exceptional satisfaction or also self fulfillment. This is in us, but it has nothing to do with money!