Process and Quality

ISO 9001:2008service_buecher_pzmqm_engl_1
Interpretation of ISO 9001:2008-12 Requirements with Consideration of ISO 9004:2009
Hans Willy Bailly, Fritz von Below
Publisher: TÜV ©2011, ISBN: 3824914951

This book is a very useful ISO 9001 interpretation that gives you an overview about both quality management in general and the ISO standard. It also supports you in changing your processes to be ready for the certification. Besides that, it takes ISO 9004 into consideration in order to include continuous improvement from the start.


ITIL® V3service_buecher_pzmqm_engl_2
A Pocket Guide
Jan van Bon
Publisher: Van Haren ©2007, ISBN: 9087531027

This small book contains all you need to know about ITIL®-V3 in a condensed manner. It is the perfect quick reference.


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