Computer company, green and social

We recently became aware of a computer company, which is unique, green and social. Sounds at first impression like a contradiction. Computer are known to be produced from raw materilals, which are all other but beneficial for the environment. And why social? How this fits together is easy explained.

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The new working world

It started already some time ago, the latest months only accelerated it. Our working world is changing. Many things that had to be done on paper are currently processed only electronically. We meet each other more often virtual, in chats, telephone or video conferences or social networks…

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Home Office, real office but at home

We are almost all now in home office… At this point a really big thank you to all of those, who are outside and supply us with all we need!

Home office sounds nice and comfortable, nevertheless I want to give you a few things on the way, that are easily overlooked…

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