Projektmanagement @ TUG Racing

I myself am a graduate of the Technical University of Graz (TUG), but in computer science. As a manager and motorsport fan, I have been proud of what TUG Racing is doing and achieving for many years in Formula Student. A new racing car is built every year. This is used to drive international competitions, including also in USA. TUG is always among the best, often the winner.

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Change Management

We have all known the term VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) for many years. Long-term stability no longer exists, in particular due to technical developments and changes in society and the environment. For many, change has become a part of their daily (working) life. This year another dimension was added and a new year is just around the corner…

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Agile (Project-)Management: Hype or is there more to it than that?

The term agile (project) management is currently on everyone’s lips, and this year it is more and more noticeable. Many would like to be agile with their businesses but may have no idea what it really means. There is much more to the little word agile than a method, it is a holistic way of thinking.

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