Money, a motivator?

Again and again I hear in coachings “a better job is one providing more money”. And again and again I see managers, who think with money they can motivate their team. To my great pleasure I have seen today at the title page of the WdF magazine “Leadership” the headline “Motivation factor income Wrong thinking approach!!”.

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Resilience, what is it?

Resilience is often mixed up with stress management. Both terms belong to the same topics complex, got some similarity, but are not the same…

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10. Round “Mentoring for migrants”

At March 28, 2019 was the closing ceremony of the celebration round, the 10th, of mentoring for migrants. We had 26 mentees from all continents, except Australia, one third with subsidiary protection or asylum status. Like in all rounds before, which we had done, half of the mentees could gain a foothold on the labor market. This makes us and the whole team really proud!

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