Lightweight wood construction, back to the future in the mobility industry

Wood and lightweight construction in the mobility industry, at first glance a contradiction in terms. If you look far into the past… The first cars and trains were mostly made of wood. Today, wood is only known in the decorative area, where wood is applied as a wafer-thin layer, e.g. to consoles. Holzcluster Steiermark, W.E.I.Z. and ACstyria came up with an exciting idea…

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Relaxation exercise for in between

Just a few days ago I attended a great (online) seminar with Petra Göbel entitled “Eye Yoga”. The seminar was about exercises that bring relaxation to our eyes. It is very exciting how little it takes to get tired eyes “fit” again, for example after a few hours on the screen … I would like to give you a very simple exercise from my self-coaching tools, where I have inputs from this seminar have included.

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ACstyria Lightweight Construction Day 2021 at the Red Bull Ring

After a long period of virtual conferences, the first physical conference took place on June 8th, 2021. ACstyria had the Lightweight Construction Day at the Red Bull Ring, where Formula 1 will again be guest next week. There was an informative and varied program and all that in real…

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