Fake Work

You are stressed all day, sometimes you don’t know where to start, at the end of the day not much has been moved. You know that? Then there is a high probability that you are affected by fake work. This means work that nobody needs in reality, but which seems unavoidable, important and/or urgent.

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Looking for creative solutions and ideas!

We have recently become a member of The community is a real creative engine from and for small and medium-sized companies. Very personal community, visibility for SMEs, cooperation and further training as central topics, many great events. The initiator Nadja Forster has taken the subject of future entrepreneurship as a priority, is a networker, not only bursting with ideas but also consistently implementing them.

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Happy Chinese New Year 2021

On February 12th, 2021 the time had come, Chinese New Year… The Confucius Institute of the University of Graz, under the direction of Dr. Wan Jie Chen, organized a great (virtual) party to celebrate the New Year with us. It was very exciting to get a completely new perspective right from the start. The last year, that of the rat, brought us the pandemic. The ox, whose year is just beginning, is now putting the world back to an order…

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