Calmness and trust are required in case it is getting tight

Currently the whole world is in motion. Corona (COVID-19), at first a local problem, is meanwhile everywhere. No matter whether entrepreneur, manager or employee, we are all affected. All companies got consequences, some heavy ones, for some their business is broken down.

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3 C’s in Management

The “3 C’s in Management” you see again and again. They are always different, different models, different perspectives of the same theme… In this article we bring you closer to what our 3 C’s are.

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Sebastian Vettel or what staying power means

The Saison 2019 seams to start fantastically. Sebastian Vettel and his team mate Charles Leclerc are during the tests in Barcelona the fastest by far. The season starts, Mercedes has further optimized their cars, while especially for Sebastian, partly also for Charles, technical problems develop to real life companions.

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