Sebastian Vettel or what staying power means

The Saison 2019 seams to start fantastically. Sebastian Vettel and his team mate Charles Leclerc are during the tests in Barcelona the fastest by far. The season starts, Mercedes has further optimized their cars, while especially for Sebastian, partly also for Charles, technical problems develop to real life companions.

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Money, a motivator?

Again and again I hear in coachings “a better job is one providing more money”. And again and again I see managers, who think with money they can motivate their team. To my great pleasure I have seen today at the title page of the WdF magazine “Leadership” the headline “Motivation factor income Wrong thinking approach!!”.

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Resilience, what is it?

Resilience is often mixed up with stress management. Both terms belong to the same topics complex, got some similarity, but are not the same…

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