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ACstyria Lightweight Construction Day 2021 at the Red Bull Ring

After a long period of virtual conferences, the first physical conference took place on June 8th, 2021. ACstyria had the Lightweight Construction Day at the Red Bull Ring, where Formula 1 will again be guest next week. There was an informative and varied program and all that in real…

The Lightweight Construction Day is a conference that ACstyria organizes annually, where the aim is to convey the latest state of the art in technology. Therefore, there are always interesting lectures from the universities in Styria, especially the Graz University of Technology and the Montan University Leoben. As every year, we have been presented with interesting new developments, how far they have come in terms of research, but also what will happen next in order to bring the new materials, which are increasingly focusing on sustainability and renewable raw materials, into series production, in ACstyria branches (automotive, aerospace and rail). There are also many companies present who present their new developments with regard to lightweight construction.

This year too, Oliver Zeisberger from ORF Steiermark guided through the event with ease, entertaining and lively…

Immediately after the welcoming words from the general manager DI Christa Zengerer, there was something very special this time. Thomas Lohner, Bakerhouse Gallery, unveiled the painting of ACstyria’s youngest employee. She represents the technical innovations and visions wonderfully on canvas and is the cover picture of the big conference in autumn “MOVING ON – 25 years & beyond“, 13/14 October 2021 Stadthalle Graz…

Source: ACstyria

This year, TUG Racing was also present for the first time on Lightweight Construction Day. Students at the Graz University of Technology build a new racing car every year and drive it in the Formula Student, an international competition with a large field of competitors. We can be proud because the team is always at the top and has won several times. Rainer Athenstädt and Thomas Wilpernig proudly presented the 2021 TANKIA, her name is Gina… What does TANKIA actually stand for? There are no kangaroohs in Austria … What a cool acronym!

Source: ACstyria

I was particularly pleased that I was invited to loosen up the event with a completely different topic, “Lightweight construction – lighter, faster, more exciting … but what if things don’t go as they should”. Under this title I was allowed to take the conference into a completely different world, into the world of motorsport, where I work as a flag marshal in my free time. How fitting, exactly at the Red Bull Ring, where we will be active again this coming weekend as part of Formula 1, to bring the conference participants closer to what technical equipment we have available, how it is to worry about the safety of the racing drivers and with which great and colorful team we are at work.

Source: ACstyria