“Work of maierCTM is characterised by very professional approach and innovative ideas, whereby constantly outstanding results are achieved. Properties like flexibility and reliability leaded to our very good cooperation.”
Mag. Silke Guggenbichler

“In the framework of an interim manager project Ms. Andrea Maier has created order in a short time, brought back calm and positive thinking into the company and gained in a year a turnover increase of more than 20%, a value, that has never existed before in the whole history of the company.
Ms. Maier analyses the problems quickly and logically, develops constructive solutions and implements them with a high personal commitment.
She combines high professional and social competence with goal orientation and commitment.
Her reports and presentations are clear and easy to follow and perfect information for the consignor.”
Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Hartig

“Cooperation with maierCTM is denoted by professional approach to the tasks and constructive and integrated methods of relosutions, facilitating excellent results. We had a reliable partner on our side during implementation of our common projects, who convinced with competence, high endurance, quick handling and short coordination in any matters.”
Mag. Julia Hiebler

“Technically clean design and high quality of the implementation are the factors for success in an IT outsourcing program like “Trans Forward”. Mrs. Maier has established for us in program and executive Management a customized reporting on progress, highlighted the need for action within the operational implementation and thus contributed to the success of the program. The extraordinary commitment, the high level of expertise in project management, the open, service-oriented nature of Mrs. Maier I have highly appreciated and she has influenced the culture in the program positively.”
Reiner Huber

“maierCTM accompanied us already several times in the project “Mentoring für MigrantInnen” and processed this project very competent, structured and efficient within the process flow. The enterprise distinguishes itself by the personal commitment of DI Andrea Maier, by high reliability and flexibility.”
Mag. Elke Jantscher-Schwarz

“Mrs. Maier has taken over for us the management of a project which was already stuck in a crisis and guided it successful to the end. The rather rare connection between high professional and social skills, als well as the extremely accurate and structured approach with at the same time attention to the slimming of the effort have impressed us a lot.”
Mag. Franz-Josef Lackinger

“Mrs. Maier made it with her refreshing arousing attitude even several times to instruct groups of operational experts – in theory and practise. She succeeded in rapid building of efficient project groups, to manage them and to accompany them during partial complicated project phases. Last but not least via her tireless endurance the control center in Maastricht made considerable project successes within the operational division.”
Harald Matthes

“Schulz von Thun defined the formula “development = acceptance + confrontation”. When I read the formula for the very first time I was a little bit bemused as confrontation drives me to fear and facilitates my resistance in general. Therefore acceptance is the decision making key.
Mrs. Maier establishes in coaching within seconds exactly this load-bearing relationship by which confrontation motivates for personal emotional dispute, let the heart beat quicker, touches and contributes to the movement within the personal development. Within that acceptance is gained via respect for the individual personality.
Fr. Maier, cordial thanks for that!”
DI Manuela Metzner

“During the months of common project work Mrs. Maier kept surprising us enjoyably by very flexibly taking over tasks with much exptertise and speed and by steering them towards solution. As experienced consultant she approached the questions with passion, motivation and high loyality. With her friendly and nevertheless professional attitude she over and over managed to relax the situation and to take obstacles in a very demanding IT project. It is really pleasant to cooperate with professionals.”
Tilman Rehberg

“Thank you so much for your committment, your endurance and cleverness during handling of complicated project situations. Both in professional and social perspective it is constantly a pleasure to work with you. I am looking forward to the next opportunity.”
Marcus Warnke