We provide advisory and consulting services to company management, individual managers and teams. This includes a broad spectrum (workshops, trainings, sparring partner, coaching and supervision) in different topic areas (strategies, structures, leadership, culture, career etc.).

In consulting we work outside your work environment, in our office space or in another location, which is appropriate for the subject and easily accessible for all participants.

Consulting takes place regionally here in Austria.

Task Management (Interim Management)

In task management (interim management), the topics are just as diverse (project recovery, change projects, restructuring, digitilization, cultural change, etc.).

In task management, we come directly to your company and take on a management position or staff position. We carry out the tasks entrusted to us for and with you. We are therefore part of your team for a limited time and see ourselves as such.

Task management takes place internationally. So far our customers have been mainly in Germany, but also in Holland, Belgium and Austria.

Key Areas


  • Program/Project Management (classic, agile)
  • Change Management
  • Restructuring
  • Management/Leadership
  • Career Development

Our favorite industry is aviation. But also all others are fascinating for us. Within the following industries we have been working during the latest years very successful:

Aviation (ATM, Airline)
Beverages Industry
Energy Supplier (Electricity, Fuel)
Food Logistics
Gaming Industry

Health Care
IT Outsourcing
Labour Market
Newspaper Production
Social Area

Our special matter are people who are social underprivileged and people with migration background.