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Relaxation exercise for in between

Just a few days ago I attended a great (online) seminar with Petra Göbel entitled “Eye Yoga”. The seminar was about exercises that bring relaxation to our eyes. It is very exciting how little it takes to get tired eyes “fit” again, for example after a few hours on the screen … I would like to give you a very simple exercise from my self-coaching tools, where I have inputs from this seminar have included.


For many years I have been using a relaxation exercise myself that only takes a few minutes. I have already given these to many friends, colleagues and coaching clients. In order to be able to use this exercise, you need one-time preparation. Close your eyes and think about the moment when you felt particularly comfortable. Recreate this moment in your mind and imagine that this moment is now. Bring the moment to you very intensely. What did you feel, see, hear, smell… Linger at this moment as long as you like. Come back slowly, open your eyes. Do you feel relaxed (more)? Then you’ve found your feel-good moment…

You urgently need relaxation, but are eg. at work, right now you don’t have the time to do sports, to go for a walk, that is, relaxation that takes a lot of time? This is the time to use your feel-good moment… It’s very easy. Ideally, get up and go to the window, look out and deliberately put your eyes out of focus. Now you go in your mind to your feel-good moment, like the first time, imagine it is right now. Do it like the first time, get it intensely and stay as long as you like…

Alternatively, you can do the exercise with your eyes closed. Choose for yourself what is easier for you to bring your feel-good moment, blurring your eyes or closing your eyes.

If you want, you can expand your feel-good moment with an exercise for the eyes. Imagine you are a bird or a butterfly, starting at the location of your feel-good moment. You flutter off, fly around, sometimes further away, sometimes closer, sometimes high up, sometimes further down… Your eyes are always focused on the location of your moment of wellbeing.

When you are done, look at the clock and you will see that you have only invested a few minutes and have recharged a lot of energy…

Have fun and enjoy relaxing!