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Successful entrepreneurs act like pilots

One says entrepreneurs are the captains of their companies. This article deals with captains of aircrafts, because of the theme and also the physics the same principles are valid also for captains of ships. But what does it matter now that successful entrepreneurs act like pilots?

Foto 19.01.19, 12 16 50
Cessna172 Cockpit

The foto above shows the cockpit of a Cessna172, a small aircraft, which is flown usually as flight on sight (Visual Flight Rules, VFR). Therefore the cockpit contains relatively few displays and controls. But also here one can see that those are relatively many in order to have them constantly under control. Pilots know exactly which ones are their central ones, speedometer, altimeter and artificial horizon. With those they deal permanently and keep an eye on the others, in order to recognize immediately in case something goes wrong. For entrepreneurs exactly the same applies, they have to know their central measure and steering instruments and have to be able to handle them. But also the other instruments should not be left out of sight.

In case something happens a pilot has to act immediately. Waiting would aggravate the situation, stopping is no option at all. 🙂 The action has to be adequate. Is the aircraft slightly off course a bit of a heading correction is needed. Is something bigger from the lot bigger measures are required. The same applies here for entrepreneurs. Immediate acting is required in adaptive form and intensity.

In case it is a heading correction the pilot takes a turn. But aircrafts react different than vehicles on the ground, as the heading correction continues for a while due to aerodynamics. This means that the aircraft continues the curve for a while although the pilot steers already straight. Heading correction has to be stopped exactly at the right time before reaching the desired heading, in order not to overshoot the target. Also course corrections in companies reverberate, therefore the right time for stopping is essential in order not to come to the other extreme, which is also not desirable like the starting situation.

And again and again applies:

“Success requires an efficient organization to enable it
and a motivated team to achieve it.”