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Sebastian Vettel or what staying power means

The Saison 2019 seams to start fantastically. Sebastian Vettel and his team mate Charles Leclerc are during the tests in Barcelona the fastest by far. The season starts, Mercedes has further optimized their cars, while especially for Sebastian, partly also for Charles, technical problems develop to real life companions.

Already in the Grand Prix of Austria in Spielberg Sebastian could not start in Q3, startet into the race from position 9, fighting his way forward to the podium, unsuccessful pit stop, therefore again several positions back, in the end position 4.

What really is possible, when you never give up, Sebastian showed today in the Grand Prix of Germany in Hockenheim. In the qualification yesterday he could not even start, engine defect, therefore he started into the race from the last grid position (position 20). He again quickly fought his way forward, soon after the start already position 14, continuing forward position by position. Again and again changing is required between rain tires, intermediates and slicks, as the weather is  constantly changing. Tire changes are currently not the strength at Ferrari, today 2 of them totally unsuccessful, each of them costing again several positions.

Like in Austria and all the other races before, Sebastian does not give up, he fights until the checkered flag is there… He finally makes the silber medal, only 7,333 seconds separate him from the victory!