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Calmness and trust are required in case it is getting tight

Currently the whole world is in motion. Corona (COVID-19), at first a local problem, is meanwhile everywhere. No matter whether entrepreneur, manager or employee, we are all affected. All companies got consequences, some heavy ones, for some their business is broken down.

Let’s step into a completely different world, where the approach, which we want to give you along the way, is maybe much easier to understand…

Source: VANSZVAN, Bulgaria

Imagine you are race driver, today is the crucial Grand Prix. You are well prepared, tire strategy etc. everything is perfect considered and planned. The race starts, after a few laps the weather turns, nobody had expected such a heavy rain, suddenly everything is changed, especially sight and behavior of your bolide. How long it will last like this is unclear. It is important to continue driving, So it applies if possible at least to keep the position and in parallel to decide… In the car you are alone, but on the radio you got your race engineer and behind the team, who got all the data and facts ready, analyse and decide what now the best solution is. Whether you do what you are prompted for you got to decide for yourself, in the end it is about your life in the whole matter.

What are we learning out of that?

The most important attribute in order to master such complicated and complex situations is calmness. It is important to keep the bolide on the road, take as less as possible risk but also not to loose too much, until the situation is analysed and clarified, that you can decide what you are going to do.

The other important attribute is trust, as you are alone in the cockpit and you have on-top much information, data and expertise not available. In the current situation it is also the case. There are persons needed who fit to yourself or sources, who got all of that and whom you can trust in, in order to be able to rely on them during decision making. And you need to trust in a positive future, you will find your way to get the turn.

Calmness and trust, out of that comes huge energy. This is required in order to master catastrophic situations good and self-determined.

Like in the race we are not alone on our way…