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Home Office, real office but at home

We are almost all now in home office… At this point a really big thank you to all of those, who are outside and supply us with all we need!

Home office sounds nice and comfortable, nevertheless I want to give you a few things on the way, that are easily overlooked…

Also at home there is a work place, ideally a separate room, but not mandatory. It is simply the place at home, where you sit when you work. A small table is enough, it need not be such a big one like on the foto. The only important thing is that it is a fixed place which offers enough space for all stuff you need for your work. It should never be a spot on dining or living room table, where you maybe also need to move things aside in order to be able to work.

Also at home you need a way to work. Those are the steps you do in order to move to your work place. Do those fully aware and then also change your behavior as if you were in the office exactly like you did it before. You stay in place and stand up only in order to e.g. get water or when you take your usual breaks. Besides the work is no distraction with house work etc. Those things come on like usual, in the morning, evening, weekend…

Dress yourself like you do it normally when you go to work. The street shoes I would leave out, but apart from them you sit in your office at home exactly like it was in your office before.

Why do I give you those at first sight strange tips on the way? It is just about, to keep your used work environment in place at home. By doing that you approach it in a completely other attitude, much more professional than at work on the sofa. You will feel it immediately and also your team and your customers will observe it. Work just continues but somewhere else!

In case you are manager, then it is about to think how you continue to play your leading role. How are you able to keep the terms and meetings in place, but just virtual? Also this is easy. What was prior physical happens now on the phone or via video conference. Did you ever try to drink coffee together via video conference? Just try it, you will be surprised…

Think also about your customers. Show them that you are “like always” there for them, but simply different. Inform them, like you usually get in touch with them, negotiate the new procedure and post it on social media where your company is present anyway.