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Global Grove Lab, multi-cultural, colorful and successful

Approx. 6 years ago we got to know Ronja, Pavel and Maria as a multi-cultural trio. The three did in those days the musical accompaniment of the closing event of “mentoring for migrants”.

The professionalism and also the sensibility how they integrated their music into the event delighted us already in those days. We had popular titles out of  international music, also pop cover titles and own compositions. The music titles accentuated  the current part of the programme or provided a transition to the next one perfectly.

Meanwhile Ronja and Pavel have already 2 more bands, “Living Transit” and the even bigger “Global Grove Lab” with 7 musicians. Their music is multi-cultural, colorful and barely commercial. Although it is another way than the one many others are going their popularity is growing fast.

On occasion the their new single “Fight for Earth”, for which they are still searching for sponsors, we recorded this video:

More information you can find here:
Global Groove Lab