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Happy Chinese New Year 2021

On February 12th, 2021 the time had come, Chinese New Year… The Confucius Institute of the University of Graz, under the direction of Dr. Wan Jie Chen, organized a great (virtual) party to celebrate the New Year with us. It was very exciting to get a completely new perspective right from the start. The last year, that of the rat, brought us the pandemic. The ox, whose year is just beginning, is now putting the world back to an order…

Have you ever associated the current situation with Chinese zodiac signs? A completely new perspective … In China, the ox is considered hardworking, patient and reliable. That’s exactly what you need to bring about change and that’s exactly what we’re all asked to do. In my eyes a wonderful symbol that motivates!

Quelle: Konfuzius Institut, KF Universität Graz

Even if it was virtual, the festival was colorful and thought out down to the last detail, just as I got to know China and the Chinese people a little a few years ago. There were many different opportunities to take part, we really celebrated together!

There was a lot of information about Chinese culture. It was exciting to understand that the colorful fireworks have a meaning to drive away the evil spirits or to keep them away. Together with the music they are also beautiful to look at, a beautiful combination of meaning and pleasure.

We also learned a simple Qi Gong exercise that brings Ying and Yang, but also body and mind, into harmony. A great exercise that is easy to incorporate into everyday work, which only takes a few minutes and immediately brings noticeable energy. You can do it anywhere, no matter how you are dressed.

Paper cutouts are very popular in China. In a few simple steps you can cut a Chinese lucky symbol from a normal piece of paper, which is also very pretty and decorative. Ideally, you do it with red paper, but I didn’t have any in the office. So it went to the company letterhead, how fitting, our self-made lucky charm should bring luck to maierCTM. That can also be wonderfully transferred to any context…

There were many facets of new perspectives and approaches… I would like to share one more at this point. The Chinese stick little lucky symbols called FU in many places around the house. But they glue it upside down. This symbolizes that happiness has already arrived. A simple form to visualize what you want or want to achieve…

With that in mind, Happy Chinese Year 2021, the year of the ox!