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Computer company, green and social

We recently became aware of a computer company, which is unique, green and social. Sounds at first impression like a contradiction. Computer are known to be produced from raw materilals, which are all other but beneficial for the environment. And why social? How this fits together is easy explained.

The non-profit IT company Unternehmen AfB gGmbH is spezialised on taking over retired IT and mobile devices from large corporations and public institutions and to destroy data in a certified manner.

After thorough cleaning and reconditioning are the refurbished devices sold in the AfB shops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France or via the online shops and

AfB customers benefit from „green“ notebooks in refurbished business quality with at least 12 months warranty. Through the work-up of used hardware electricity and CO2 are savedt, resource depletion is reduced and elektronic waste is avoided. Hardware that cannot longer be marketed is deassembled and recycled under highest ecological and ethical standards, whereby in Europe new raw materials are produced.

The special thing about AfB: All work steps in the company are designed barrier-free and are processed commonly from handicapped and non-handicapped people. The goal of the AfB group is, to give Europe-wide 500 people with handicap an employement subject to social insurance. At 20 locations in Germany, Austria, France, Slowakia and Switzerland work more than 440 employees, 45% of them with handicap.

We were deeply impressed when we got to know this company!