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3 C’s in Management

The “3 C’s in Management” you see again and again. They are always different, different models, different perspectives of the same theme… In this article we bring you closer to what our 3 C’s are.


Clarity, competence and consequence, that is what management is about, it is very easy… or not?

Clarity means the clear view on the current situation and also clear communication of what’s up. In order to gain a clear view the so called meta position is required, that means you try to look on the system from the birds perspective and analyse what happens there. Relationships can be recognized easily, as you see yourself acting also viewed from outside. The complicated part is to share the findings. We made the experience, the the worst ever findings can be addressed openly, essentially is only, the the way of communication is one that reaches the other and shows beside the negative news what you are going to do in order to change the situation for the better.

Competency is sun and shadow in one. Of course at the very first glimpse it is perfect in case the boss is also the best expert in content. But our experience shows the professional experts are having usually neither focus nor interest in the place where they should have it (leading of the team, strategy, communication etc.). In our eyes the ideal leader got exactly this professional competency in order to understand how the area of responsibility works and what is important there, in order to be able to take sound decisions. Is deeper competency required, then it is ideal to get somebody to the side, who got no personal interest on the exit of the decision (eg. an expert in the house who works in a different unit, an industry connoisseur outside the company etc.).

Consequence means to drive the chosen course and stay tuned until the goal is reached. Of course a course correction is needed, in case it turns out that something is drifting in a totally wrong direction. But this is a punctual thing, should not be normal or daily business. Consequence means also to accept consequences of decisions and to deal with them.

All three factors together give the employees and the environment orientation and also a hold. There is clarity what’s up, they deal with a leader who knows what is important and follows the path taken. You can rely on this leader, no matter in which role you cooperate!