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10. Round “Mentoring for migrants”

At March 28, 2019 was the closing ceremony of the celebration round, the 10th, of mentoring for migrants. We had 26 mentees from all continents, except Australia, one third with subsidiary protection or asylum status. Like in all rounds before, which we had done, half of the mentees could gain a foothold on the labor market. This makes us and the whole team really proud!

Mentoring 10. Abschluss #1
(c) Foto Fischer, Graz

Again and again it is very nice besides the success of our mentees that our mentors see in the project also advantages also for them, e.g. enhancement of their own communication and coaching skills. What was remarkable in this round that relatively many mentors could open totally new career perspectives for their mentees.

In this round also another maierCTM colleague was supporting a mentee, who was among the lucky ones like my own mentee. This gives us special pleasure!

Very nice was also that my mentee presented his personal experience report that fantastic as part of the event. He had prepared himself for that totally on his own!

Mentoring 10. Abschluss #2
(c) Matthäus NNA Photographie