Sonja Kager, BA

Project Management

My career started 2009 at the Free University Bozen with the study “Economics, Sport and Event Management”. The summer months I usedto collect first professional experiences:

  • District Commission Wolfsberg, Construction and Environment
  • WAC, Wolfsberger Athletik Club (Austrian National Football League)
    Bachelor thesis: „Stadium expansion – Euphorie oder tatsächliche Notwendigkeit? Darstellung am Bundesligaaufsteiger RZ Pellets WAC im österreichischen Fußball“

After the completion of my studies I started to work in my home Carinthia:

  • aufwind (Event and Advertisement Agency)
  • Müller (Drug Store)

Then I moved to Graz, where I entered the technical area:

  • tectos GmbH (Engine Test Benches, Simulations)

Parallel to my professional activities I started to further educate in the technical area, started to study “Mechanical Engineering” and “Biomedical Engineering” at the Technical University Graz.

Since October 2020 I am at maierCTM.

My education and certificates:

Study Econimics, Sport and Event Management (Free University Bozen, BA)
Study Mechanical Engineering (TU Graz, on-going)
Study Biomedical Engineering (TU Graz, on-going)
PMI® Agile Certified Practitioner (on-going)
Peer Group Mediation (HLW Wolfsberg)
Nutrition Trainer (Vitalakademie Graz, Dipl.)
Young Sommelier (HLW Wolfsberg)
Customs Seminar (WIFI Graz)


Our Team:
Andrea Maier, Sonja Kager, Paula Stefanut