Mag. Liliya Stocker

Office and Accounting

I am from Russia and started my study of law in the year 1995, have finished it successful in the year 2000. Parallel to my study I worked in form of internships:

  • Department for economics crime, Public Prosecutor Izhevsk

After my study I worked as lawyer in different companies and have collected also valuable experience in recruiting and human resources:

  • Urban Audit Service GmbH, Moscow (audit, accounting)
  • ARKADA-INTER Wholesale GmbH, Moscow (food trade)
  • HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd. Moscow (telecommunication)

After my move to Austria in the year 2007 my career started in totally different areas where I mastered again very exciting tasks and challenges:

  • AVL List GmbH (automobile industry)
  • Trade Consultants Russia (trade agency)
  • Nature Protection Assiciation Styria (state association)
  • APS Austria Personal Service GmbH (recruitment, staff leasing)
  • VIRO Munich GmbH (staff leasing)

Alongside the work I completed several continuing education courses and further developed myself.

Since November 2019 I work for maierCTM.

My education and certificates:

Study of Law (Udmurt State Universiy, Mag.)
Human Resources Global Training
International Business
Basics of Employment Law
Human Resources Assistant


Our Team:
Andrea Maier, Paula Stefanut, Liliya Stocker