ekon. Alla Merkulova-Schweighofer

Project Office and Accounting

My life consists out of two phases: life in Ukraine and life in Austria.

In Ukraine I am born, grown up, made my higher school certificate and graduated my study “Business Economincs, Accounting and Audit” in 1996 successfully. I put my within the study aquired knowledge into practice as accountant, department manager and bank officer and enhanced it:

  • Accountant (building material commerce, Lanes GmbH, Kharkiv)
  • Area Manager (commercial operation for fabrics and furs, Triton GmbH, Kharkiv)
  • Accountant (building material commerce, Stroystil GmbH, Kharkiv)
  • Banker, document credits and control of foreign exchange for import and export business department (Megabank, Kharkiv, Ukraine)

When I came to Austria in 2008, I had to face new linguistic and business challenges. In order to integrate in Austria and to actualize my knowledge in accounting, office management and controlling, I made different further educations and collected in parallel versatile and interesting business experiences. Especially working in an international team was very fascinating for me:

  • Work practise (bit training center, bit group GmbH, Graz)
  • Work practise, parrish accounting (Diocese Graz-Seckau)
  • Finance & controlling assistant (Lyoness Group AG, Graz)

Since November 2016 I work for maierCTM.

My education and certificates:

Study Business Economics (Public V.V. Dokuchaev University in Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Apprenticeship Graduation as business service trader (WKO Graz)
Accounting Training (WIFI Graz)
University Education Controlling (Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz)
Balance Accountant Training (WIFI Graz)


Our Team:
Andrea Maier, Paula Loredana Stefanut, Alla Merkulova-Schweighofer